Timing Belt Replacement
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Flemington Subaru Provides Timing Belt Replacement Services

The timing belt is a part that is often overlooked by drivers since many don't know when or under what conditions it needs to be replaced. The timing belt plays a very important part in keeping all of the engine components in sync with each other. This complicated mechanism works in tandem with other engine parts and if any of these processes fails it may cause the timing belt to come off, resulting in seizure or complete engine failure and damage.

Getting your timing belt serviced and looked at on a regular basis is the only way to prevent this potentially catastrophic damage to your vehicle. You should check your owners manual or consult one of our technicians if you are unsure of when and how often this procedure should take place. We are happy to help all of our customers from Flemington, NJ; Doylestown, PA; Trenton, and Somerset, NJ. Come by 167 Highway 31 in Flemington, NJ today or give us a call.

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